Make it to MOAB !
To view some of the most spectacular rock formations on Earth and drive or bike the hundreds of miles of Off Road Trails… just Make it to Moab, Utah, USA.
Every year, thousands of Off Road enthusiasts swarm into Moab’s grand Off Road Playground like bees on honey.  Miles upon miles of Trails await the Off Road addicted, from easy Off Road cruises in scenic river bed Canyons  to trails that wind endlessly under and over and around Slick Rock to Extreme Off Road adrenaline rush trails. There are Trails to suit every Off Road vehicle and every Off Road appetite, which keeps people from around the world continually coming back for more.  Despite the buzz, it really is possible to have fun AND find peace and freedom camping right next to a giant Slick Rock Petrified Sand Dune or on top of a Mesa cliff sleeping under a Starry Starry night sky and awakening to a forever majestic view.     Find comfort sleeping on or next to the rocks or in one of the many Hotels where a warm & cozy bed awaits the weary Off Road Traveler.  The hungry belly is sure to find its fill in one of the many delicious Restaurants from Mexican to Italian to Southwestern style grill. Amazingly , the quaint & charming small town of Moab is able to accomadate the swarm while still maintaining its original “wild south west” feel.  Hotels, Restaurants and Stores make an effort to keep up the charm and not give in to commercialism.  Handmade gifts, clothing, pottery and Native American jewelry await the shoppers. While eclectic Tea & Coffee shops create space for those that prefer to stay “On Road”.  And…last but not at all least !  …is the not to be missed ; Truly Magnificent Arches National Park !  If nothing else…just journey to Moab to see these most amazing Rock Formations that leaves everyone who visits Moab in awe and very humbled.

Great time for Jeepers & Off Road Rigs & anyone new to the Off Road Vehicle sport is to go there is for the Moab Easter Jeep Safari… more info on that in an upcoming post.

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