Fall into Four Wheeling in the great Southwest USA !

There’s no excuse not to enjoy life with the hundreds of spectacular Off Road Trails to explore in the great American Playground of BLM Lands throughout the Southwest, including: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Southern Utah.  Plan a “great escape” week or a long weekend vacation of Off Road Rock Crawling, Exploring or Off Road Expedition.  Bring along your Camping Equipment to enjoy cooking over a fire and  sleeping under a Starry Starry night sky in a Down Sleeping Bag or two.  Be prepared for extreme differences in day to night temperatures. Sunny warm days can turn into extremely cold nights.  Pack loose comfortable layered Clothing; Shorts & short sleeves for day and Long Pants, long sleeves, Polar Fleece, Hat and Gloves for night.  Bring plenty of water for sun drenched trails and sandwiches and trail mix for long days on the 4×4 Trails.  Depending upon the severity/rating of the Trail, you never know what time or when you will be able to break out the Camping Stove and get cooking.  I recall at the Independent Trail System, Colorado, when we set off on a short (roughly 1 mile)  5+ Trail early in the day and due to rain setting in in the middle of the Trail, the water turned  challenging yet gripping 6-8 foot Boulders into sandy, slippery as grease Rocks which made us have to winch all of the big rigs up and out of the entire second half of the Trail ; every Off Road Vehicle; Rock Crawlers, Buggies and built Jeeps were winched every bit of the way !  We spent all afternoon and into the dark night getting a Masters Degree  in winch points and snatch block angles.  By the time we returned to camp, nearly 15 hours later, no one had any energy to light up a fire, cook or sit around and talk !


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