About jeepArt

Welcome to jeepArt !

We are Artists and Off Road Enthusiasts.

Originally, we wanted a vehicle that could climb a wall…
We like the comfort of an enclosed vehicle so instead of
building a “rock buggy” we built an extreme Jeep TJ with
Dana 60s front & back an Atlas, ARB lockers,  a “bullet proof”
Drive Train & Suspension.

River Crossings

We added a Snorkel for deep water crawling…
since we have had experience in the past with our built 4X4 Pop Up Camper
getting stuck in the middle of a wide fast flowing Baja River with no help in sight.
After many futile attempts to start the water logged rig,
the reasoning of a snorkel became clear to us when our shoes floated out the window and
we were forced to begin trekking our camping gear to shore through deep water.

Off Road Adventures

We traveled to the famous & not so famous 4×4 trails throughout the USA…
rock crawling the 4 and 5 plus trails.

To fulfill our Off Road “Expedition” urges… we traveled with our Jeep on & off road
for extended periods of time in Mexico, Baja and throughout Canada.

The Ultimate Jeep

After six years of hard rock crawling with this rig design,
we wanted more than just an extreme Jeep.

We realized that an ultimate Jeep would be one that you could
rock crawl extreme rated trails and be self contained with:
hot shower, kitchen, sleeping quarters… so that we could go off
on long term exploration off road expeditions with comfort.

Extreme Off Road Comfort

We wanted to enjoy our favorite meals on starry night cook outs in
the middle of no where after a long day of adventure, like we did
with our 4X4 Pop Up Camper but built on a vehicle with tighter, stronger, more nimble & serious Rock Crawling capabilities.

4×4 Trail Experience is the Mother of Invention

Knowing that you can get in or out of any situation: climb a wall,
winch out of mud, cross a river, descend a waterfall when
confronted on your extended expedition off road would take a
totally new and different kind of Jeep than what was out there.
It is a dream to really get out there and travel from State to State for days on Off Road Trails
in an advanced designed dependable rock crawling capable rig
worry free without having to go On Road for a meal or a good nights sleep.

Dream Rock Crawler Expedition Jeep becomes a Reality

We decided to make our “bullet proof” well tested 4-5 plus
trail proven Jeep in to this “dream” expedition vehicle.

We chopped the body,reinforce the frame where needed, stretched the wheelbase, added multiple attaching points for recovery, created a flexible flatbed with custom “easy to take on & off” expedition rack system, included a Maggiolina Off Road roof top Tent, a complete kitchen set up with 10’x12′ awning and an exact temp.
hot water outdoor shower.

Here is our Expedition Rock Crawler Jeep
built and ready to explore:

Because we are never without a camera on the 4×4 trails…
we have accumulated a great collection of rock crawling photos that we want to share with you here at jeepArt…
on our Off Road Trails & Photos pages.


We wish to build jeepArt to become one of
your favorite Off Road sites.

We hope you enjoy the jeepArt site and share with friends.

Take it Easy… On & Off Road !

All other inquiries contact:   jeepArt@jeepArt.com

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